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Athens Restaurants #2 Aiolou 68

If you’re looking for a restaurant bright and spacious where to eat seafood and Greek dishes, it is the perfect restaurant. We found this one by chance, and it’s a little bit difficult to find without google maps on your hand. It has no sign, no name… Only the number of the street as reference, Aiolou 68. Which means, when you’re on Aiolou street you’ve got to find the number 68 and turn into the little alley until the end where you will see the restaurant.

I was very surprised by how quiet this restaurant was and how bright was the room.

On the Menu, many different species of fish and seafood and seafood all cooked as bougiourdi. Because I never hear about that dish, I decided to try this Greek specialty. Cooked with feta cheese, it was a very spicy meal. Happily, they serve it with bread, makes it a delicious and gourmet experience.

Octopus Bougiourdi for 12€

This other meal we ordered was spaghetti with shrimps for 15€, which sounds expensive, and probably the reason why the plate was so generous, full of shrimps and spaghetti!

Big plate of spaghetti with shrimps for 15€

The staff was very nice, let us a good memory of this little discovery in Athens City!

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Athens Restaurant #1 Just Pita

Let me introduce to you my first meeting with Greek food, Just Pita restaurant. Located in a crowded street, Athinas, very close to Monastiraki square, this is a must try to eat traditional Greek street food.

Board of the restaurant Just Pita

They served good portions of Pita with fresh onions and tomatoes. This isn’t a comfortable restaurant, more like an eat and go places, where you can’t stay hours, but for a quick meal this is a worth it restaurant.

Despite that, this is a tourist area, you can find many locals who are eating there, which make it a clue for a good and worth it restaurant.

What we ate

Pita with gyros meat for 7€

Moon Pita with Gyros meat, onion, basil and cheese

Thrakopsomo, which looks like a traditional Greek sandwich, with gyros meat for 5€

Thrakopsomo with fresh vegetables, fried potatoes and gyros meat

Here the address :

Just Pita, Athinas 18, Athina 105 51, Greece

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WELCOME 2021 !

Venice Grand Canal at night

For this new year, I would like to share with everyone, Marco Polo’s quote, which still remains up to date until now, and resumes many of my experiences when sharing my travel experiences with others. That’s also why, with this quote in mind, I’m trying to describe as precisely as possible all my experiences in my posts.

Thank you again to all for reading my blog, it’s pushing me to keep writing in 2021. I will try to post more about my previous travels first of all, before to keep travelling I hope the next semester of 2021 if possible.

Wish to everyone a Happy New Year !!

Vinie Daily

Thessaloniki Restaurant #1 Charoupi

What I really like when I am traveling is to eat different dishes every day and discover the best of each city I’ve been. What surprised me the most at Thessaloniki is the great hospitality of this city when we spoke about eating at restaurants. Each local restaurant I’ve been offers you a dessert, from daily restaurant to gastronomic one they all have the same tradition, except touristic restaurants.



We discovered Charoupi during an evening walk around the Harbour neighborhood. This restaurant with its modern design front style and its little terrace in a corner of a little street is very discrete.

What we didn’t expect and surprised us the most, it’s a Cretan restaurant. So that evening, we discovered the Cretan Food. Most of their dishes are made with Goat cheese and Carob.

Seated on the Terrace, I ordered my first Cinnamon Lemonade, a non-carbonated lemonade, which was refreshing.

We ordered two plates, prepared with Goat cheese and Apaki (Cretan pork). For me who isn’t really a “Goat cheese like person”, this Cretan cuisine remained delicious and so fine that it is a good opportunity to appreciate the goat cheese cuisine.

Soft boiled egg yolk with goat creamy cheese and Apaki chips, salted meringue, asparagus and fresh truffles 8,5€
Sautéed mushrooms with light cheese 7,2€
Grilled light goat cheese which looks like grilled chicken

After, those two delicious dishes, we were very surprised that they offered us the dessert and not a small one! Sweet vanilla ice cream with caramelized Carob. That was my first time I ate Carob, which was like caramelized biscuit, with more bitterness.

Vanilla ice cream and caramelized Carob free of charge

Every side dish, like olives, Cherry tomatoes and bread were included in the price, with no extra charge. We enjoyed the Greek hospitality and our first Thessaloniki Evening. That was already 12 months ago (November 2019), but I still remember that great discovery.

Address : Doxis 4, Thessaloniki 546 25, Greece

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Chartres, is a little town of about 40 000 inhabitants and the capital of the Eure-et-Loir (28) department in France. It is located about 90 km southwest of Paris, you can reach it in 1h by train or car. Chartres is famous world-wide for its cathedral. Mostly constructed between 1193 and 1250, it is traditionally considered to be the most representative Gothic cathedrals. It is built with the techniques of Romanesque architecture, thus showing the continuity and not the rupture between these two types of architecture Gothic and Roman.

This is why Chartres is famous and has many visitors each years.

As we can’t travel easily in Europe anymore, we decided to visit Chartres and took our car. From Paris, we reached it in 1 hour, after paying a very expensive Highway fee, 6,7€ to 30km (meaning 0,22€ per km when Paris-Lille is only 0,08€ per km which means 3 times higher than the highway in the north…) But after seeing the Netflix series The Knightfall, adapted from the book by Dan Jones The Templars, we were still very exciting to visit the city of Templars!

Arrived at Chartres, the first things was to park the car, and here again what a strange surprise, an underground parking, “the Q-Park Coeur de ville” at 10€ for 4 hours, which is considered expensive, to compare, if you park your car at the 7th district in Paris, just in front of the Invalides , it will cost you about the same price (11€ for 4 hours). But well, the parking lot is just in front of the main square of Chartres.

If you come by train, you can reach the old town by 10 mins walks.

Here we go now for a walk in the City of Templars. As you enter in the city from the Train Station or the Parking “Coeur de villes”, Chartres will remind you its history with its 3 “cute version” statues of the Templars you will find after 5min walks in “the street de la Tonnellerie”.

The old town of Chartres is very pleasant, and like a real back to the past, with its Street’s name which remind you the old organization of the city, like the street of “Milk”, or the Door of “Fruits Warehouse”

You can also meet with very antic doors and Medieval houses.

During all your walk in the old town, until the impressive Cathedral, you will enjoy the Antic Medieval city, with many actual little shops and restaurants.

The also preserved the old Fruits Market in the center.

Despite the rain, we spend a nice time in this little town.

After 4 hours walk it was time to go back.